• Explain3:47
  • Hannah Belle3:49
  • Stuck in Arkansas3:54
  • SASN2:58
  • The Good Fight2:26
  • A Troubadour's Prayer3:50
  • Damn Country Music4:46
  • Always Liked the Rain4:08
  • The Tower3:06
  • Waiting On You3:04

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The Corey Hunt Band hails from Asheboro, North Carolina, but more and more their music is taking them across the country on tour and into the ears of listeners around the world.    Hunt’s songwriting ranges from sincere romanticism to outlaw rebellion, and their do-it-yourself approach to booking, recording, and gigging has given them the freedom to explore and expand their music as they grow.  With room to grow and momentum on their side, their crowd-pleasing and relatable take on modern roots music is poised for bigger and better things every time they hit the stage or the studio.